"Boa Nova" Chapel, in Leca da Palmeira, dedicated to St. John, has been for many years associated with the Franciscan Hermits, who established themselves on this place till 1475, where there was a small monastery. Built over the rocks, the "Boa Nova" Chapel, It is just north [...]
The requalification and embellishment of the Sameiro Sanctuary surrounding area, in Penafiel, had combined applications of granite, concrete and schist. The team of architects chose granite for the sidewalk areas, applying granite slabs and setts. Some of the partitions have granite [...]
Requalification of the " 25 de Abril" Avenue, from the roundabout to the City Council of Arouca and the "Brandão de Vasconcelos" square. It is an historic zone, within the Arouca Monastery surrounding area, so the works carried out were done with care [...]