The most requested Granite

Granite is the most wanted material.

Its durability makes it the preferred choice for architects and engineers.

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What is granite

The Granite (from the latin word granum, grain, in reference to the rock's texture) it's a common type of igneous rock or magmatic rock, non metamorphic, with a small, medium or harsh grain, essentially composed by the minerals quartz, mica and feldspar, and having mica (usually present), hornblende, zircon and others as accessory minerals.

Granite is solide and resistant, being those qualities the reason why it's used as stone for construction works.

Granite is widely used as ornamental stone and paving in construction works. As for the ornamental stones and coating industry, the noun granite designates a vast group of silicate rocks.

In Portugal the granitic landscape reveals itself mainly through large plateaus, mountains, in the North, the Beiras and several other mountainous regions. There is yet to consider the mountain mass of Alpendorada, the "Ladário" hill, from where it's extracted a very high quality granite, known as the Granite of Alpendorada.

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