Granite Setts

Granite Setts and cobblestones, available in various types of granite, finishes and dimensions.

Setts are one of the most common choices for the paving of sidewalks, roads, squares, and others.

The finishes allow the creation of textures which compile both use and esthetic fonctions.

  • cracked
  • sawed
  • polished
  • others
Available colors
  • blue
  • yellow
  • grey
  • pink
predefined dimensions (setts, cobblestones, mosaic)
  • 10×10
  • 7×7
  • 5×5 (mosaic)
  • others

Other setts and cobblestones dimensions on demand.

granite sett hélio monteiro Portugal

Grey granite sett.


yellow granite sett mosaic hélio monteiro Portugal

Yellow granite sett, mosaic.


 granite kerb sett hélio monteiro granites north portugal_5008

Street with Granite Setts. Sidewalk with mosaic. Project of Arouca.

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